Make a contribution to the Cheyenne Water Feature/Splash Pad to be built in Downtown Cheyenne. This feature will enhance the downtown experience with a family focused attraction that kids of all ages can run through during Cheyenne's warm summers. Help us reach our total goal of raising $550,000 by June 30, 2019.

UPDATE: As of December 1, 2018 our combined fundraising efforts (other fundraising beyond this page is also taking place) have pushed  us over the $530,000 mark in pursuit of our $550,000 goal. Thank you for your donations and let's keep pushing  to hit our final goal!


What is this Cheyenne Depot water feature project?

The City of Cheyenne and interested partners intend to build a water feature /splash pad on the Depot Plaza in downtown Cheyenne. The water feature will run when the weather/temperatures allow it to be operational and will include a recycling pump so the water will be appropriately filtered and reused.

Where will the water feature / splash pad be located?

In the Depot Plaza in downtown Cheyenne. The preferred location is behind the stage in the peanut-shaped area currently filled with gray gravel.

Won’t this project waste water?

The splash pad will recycle its water through an advanced filtration system.  Project engineers estimate that the splash pad will use about 17,000 gallons for the entire summer season, about the same amount of water used by single house during ONE month during the summer (with outdoor watering).

How will the project be funded?

The water feature is expected to cost about $550,000 based upon a design estimate by Tobin & Associates, a local architectural firm. The City of Cheyenne has pledged $250,000 to the project, pending a match of approximately $300,000 or more raised from community organizations and individuals. The City is requiring that the private funds be raised by June 30, 2019 or the City match will go away.

What happens to my donation if the project doesn’t get completed?

If we determine that the Splash Pad project cannot proceed to construction for whatever reason, we will offer donors the option to either receive a refund or allow the funds to be invested in another quality of life project for Cheyenne.

Who is organizing the project?

The City of Cheyenne will ultimately be the contractor for building, operating, and maintaining the water feature. The fundraising for the project is being spearheaded by a committee consisting of City Council members, representatives from the City’s four economic development organizations, and interested volunteers.

How can I donate?

Private donations are being collected by Discover Cheyenne, a not-for-profit foundation affiliated with Visit Cheyenne. As a not-for-profit organization, donations to Discover Cheyenne are tax deductible.

Checks can be mailed to

Discover Cheyenne

c/o Visit Cheyenne

121 W. 15th Street, Ste. 202

Cheyenne WY 82001

How will my donation be recognized?

A Recognition Plaque recognizes donors of $1,000 and over by name and will be installed at the water feature / splash pad.  All donors will be thanked via social media postings.


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